We offer a variety of events for you who wants to enjoy nature.

We do workshops and teambuilding for companies and other bigger groups or small groups and couples.
Below you can read about the different workshops we offer. It is possible to combine and pick out the perfect fit for your trip.

Please write us an email if you want to put together a special package.



Getaway at danish vineyard.
The tent is set at the top of our vineyard, surrounded by beautiful forest, grassing sheep and our vegetable garden. 
A 15 minutes walk through the forest takes you to a beautiful swimming lake. 



At Weirdloose Overdrive the vineyard was the original purpose of the place. 

We have a relatively small production of natural rosé, red and orange wine. 
We have workshops about pruning, harvest and vinification. The workshops are available depending on the season. 
We also do wine tasting in natural wine.  



At the vineyard we also farm a big variety of vegetables, herbs and berries. 
Everything is grown with organic and permacultural values. 
If you are interested in gardening and farm to table, we do workshops in the vegetable garden.

Pine cone, foresting


In the beautiful forest around Weirdloose Overdrive there are plenty of wild herbs and mushrooms. You can go on a guided tour in the forest and learn about what you can eat from the forest.

Vines pruned, asparagus rows cleaned, bo


In line with being in nature comes cooking over open fire.

This farm to table workshop guides you through the harvest of vegetables and herbs, making of recipes and cooking over open fire. 


Ever slaughtered an animal? If you eat them it is natural that you also at least once try to slaughter an animal. Our good friend Torben owns the sheep around our vineyard and knows everything about keeping sheep.