In 2014 Mathias got the opportunity to take over an acre of farmland from Jens Westergaard and Ane Hoffmeyer. They planted most of the land with lots of different verities of vines in 2009.
Finishing work in the wine import business Mathias decided it was time to do something different in his life. After lots of visits at south European vineyards he fell in love with working outside, making food outside and how good it tastes when you have been working hard. Jens and Ane’s farm outside Lejre brought him back to these visits and he decided to start growing the soil and bring people out to the countryside to get away from city life and stressed jobs. People always came in big numbers when Mathias had a working day at the farm.
Meeting Melissa, with actual farmer knowledge and a dream about helping people to enjoy life more through nature and working the land, was the perfect match. 

Years past with Melissa finishing as a gardener, popping a baby and a longer stay in Copenhagen than anticipated…. The farm continued to be a hobby but the dream about making it our primary work life never fated. Making a sanctuary for people that needs to breathe fresh air, learning people about farming, foresting and winemaking, to gather people around meaningful work instead of always drinking coffee at the café – that is our dream.

In December 2019 Melissa quit her job and started to do something about our dream. Melissa has experiences as a small-scale farmer and a background with learning people about growing vegetables. Mathias has a long history with food and wine, both as a wine importer, sommelier and his months in Burgundy learning vinification. We believe our combined skills is perfect for this dream to come true.